What is sport? The word “sport” implies a highly-intense physical activity involving the movement of the body through a particular environment. In addition to burning calories and causing physical exhaustion, sport can also improve a particular body part. This article explains what sports are and how they can benefit people’s lives. But before we get into the specifics of what sport is, let’s first take a look at its definition.

The earliest recorded games were ball games, which were common among the ancient Chinese, Aztecs, and Greeks. While these games were often noncompetitive ritual performances, they incorporated the elements of sports in them. For example, kemari, a type of Japanese football, is considered a sport. In addition, ancient Greek and Roman art depict hunters pursuing their prey with joy. This iconographic and literary evidence indicates that sports were once viewed as a fun activity for children and eventually became an end in itself.

In the late 17th century, British society embraced sports. The idea of keeping a record of scores appeared during the Restoration. During the Puritan period, traditional pastimes such as horse racing and rowing were condemned and driven underground. As a result, organized games began to develop. The Marylebone Cricket Club in London was instrumental in the development of cricket and organized competition. However, many amateur teams and clubs have never made it big.