In its simplest form, sports refer to a competitive activity that aims to improve physical skills and ability. Apart from providing entertainment and health benefits to participants, sports also develop a person’s observation and analytical skills. Hundreds of sports are played all over the world, and competitions can involve single or multiple contestants. Other sports, such as horse racing, involve several contestants competing simultaneously. There is usually one winner, but some games feature two sides.

Although the term “sport” generally refers to competitions between two or more people, some games and activities aren’t considered sports. In fact, some of them are not considered sports at all, but instead are simply pastimes. While many people play sports with friends, some of these games require specific equipment and training. In addition, some sports require a team to be comprised of several individuals, and others are played for pure enjoyment. As an example, golf is a game in which individuals compete against one another, while wrestling is a team sport.

In addition to traditional games, many spectators like to watch E-Sports. The competitive aspect of E-Sports means that players must exercise their brains and move their bodies in order to win. Some of these games require speed and dexterity, and players often claim to be as athletic as race car drivers. However, real athleticism can be displayed in a tiny bucket, which is whizzing by at top speed. So what is ESports?