Sports have become a global phenomenon. Unlike in the past, when only a select few nations competed in sports, modern sport has swept the globe. With the rise of transnational corporations and the globalisation of markets, sports are now marketed to any possible consumer. They are no longer just a source of pleasure, but also a symbol of power, distinction, and prestige.

The term sport has evolved to include multiple disciplines and activities that involve two or more participants. For example, tennis, squash, ping pong, wrestling, motorcycling, and board games are considered dual sports. These activities are often played by two people, which can enhance the competitive spirit between athletes. In addition, some of these activities are played simultaneously.

While the origins of sport are uncertain, there is clear evidence that the ancient world had some form of sport. In the Middle Ages, archery matches were commonplace and often staged with a great deal of fanfare. Patron saints were even paraded behind archery companies. In addition, lower-class participants were frequently offered competitions during the matches. These matches were usually followed by grand feasts. The atmosphere was often raucous, and drunkenness was commonplace.

Sports also help children develop social skills and physical fitness. Team sports, such as association football, allow players to interact with others and practice teamwork. The social interactions learned from these activities are a good foundation for life.