Sports are physical activities which involve competition. They can be casual or organised and help people to develop mental and physical wellbeing. They can also be a good way to interact with others and develop social bonds. Sports also have a competitive element and can be played at all levels. Here are the different types of sports. They are all different but share similar features.

Modern sports were born in the 19th century and spread worldwide in the 20th century. They are closely linked to mass media, which became a key element in the development of modern sports culture. The emergence of mass media boosted interest in sports and influenced the growth of the sport industry. Ultimately, sports became commercialized, and mass media became an important part of the entertainment industry.

In the 18th century, sports began to develop as a leisure activity for the elite. In England, the first games were arranged during the Restoration period. This was the first time the concept of sports records became an important part of the game. Puritan censorship drove traditional pastimes underground, but organized games began to develop under the leadership of the Marylebone Cricket Club in 1787. The club led the development of games like cricket and introduced rational competition.

Many athletes migrate within and between nations. Some follow a seasonal migration schedule. Others follow a more transitory pattern. Cricket and rugby, for example, have seasons in the Northern and Southern hemisphere.