The definition of Sports is often complicated. Some sports are purely recreational, while others are based on a competitive nature. What defines a sport depends on the organisational structure that surrounds it. Some games may be considered sports if they have a governing body or a professional league, while others are not. There are several categories of sports, including motorsports, ice hockey, rugby, baseball, basketball, and football. Listed below are the main types of sports, and what makes them different.

While sport is often played for recreation, ancient Greeks and Romans used it as a political and religious activity. In ancient Greece, athletes practised sport to prepare for battle, but they also used it as an arena to cultivate excellence. Competition in athletic contests served as a social unifying activity. This culture promoted the pursuit of excellence, and it also cultivated culture. The earliest examples of sport in history date back to the Sumerians.

In the United States, the sport of basketball was invented by James Naismith in 1891. Other games that grew in popularity were volleyball and basketball. Both were created to meet the perceived need for games that were more accessible during cold winters in New England. With the development of both of these games, sports began to expand beyond the boundaries of Europe. The popularity of these games made them a popular sport around the world. Today, most countries have some kind of team sport.