Throughout human history, there have been numerous forms of sports. Some are purely recreational, while others are competitive. The definition of a sports varies depending on the culture. However, the oldest English definition of a sport entails anything that humans find amusing.

One of the most popular spectator sports is tennis. Another is basketball. Other spectator sports include football, rugby, ice hockey, lacrosse and boxing.

The oldest known sports-related definition in English was found in about 1300. This definition was derived from the Old French word ‘desport’ meaning leisure.

One of the most enduring sports in the United States is baseball. Major league baseball is the highest level of baseball in the U.S., with the best teams playing in a playoff tournament for the championship. Other popular team sports include basketball, football, soccer, and ice hockey.

Sports are a major part of the United States culture. They are also as enduring as society itself. From ball games and hunting to athletics and gymnastics, sports are a part of our lives. Whether they are organized or informal, sports have the potential to improve our physical and mental health. They also can help us to achieve our fitness goals.

The most popular sports in the United States are baseball and football. These two are also the most popular team sports in the country. They are played by millions of Americans. In addition, the National Collegiate Athletic Association is the largest collegiate sports governing body. It also sponsors athletics programs for high school students.