Sports refer to activities in which people compete to achieve a goal. In most cases, sport is governed by rules. These are designed to make the competition fair and unbiased.

As a result, there are different ways to define sports. They range from the aesthetic to the purely competitive. Some sports may have multiple winners and ties.

For instance, football preparation is as much about rest and recovery as it is about enhancing the physical capabilities of players. It is a great way to get people to be active. However, the competitive aspect of the game can lead to participants cheating.

Sport is one of the oldest forms of human activity. During prehistoric times, hunters pursued their prey with a sense of joy and abandon. Ancient civilizations also developed ball games. Often, they were non-competitive ritual performances.

The word “measure” originally referred to proportions and balance. Later, it came to mean numerical measurements. But the concept of a sport record, based on a specific measure of performance, began in the late 17th century.

Throughout history, there have been many variations of ball games and other athletic contests. Among ancient civilizations, such as the Nuba of southern Sudan, elaborately decorated bouts were held. Other tribes, like the Aztecs, played a similar form of game.

Those in the Renaissance period of European history preferred dances and other forms of artistic expression. Fencing, a sport that originated in France, was emulated by northern Europeans.